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Soap Trio - Vintage Suds Soapery

Vintage Suds Soapery is unique. We love to create traditional natural cold process soaps, made with an old-fashioned tried and true formula. We handcraft a bar of soap that you want to use on your body, made with only quality food grade oils, clays and botanicals, no fillers.

We produce all products at our commercial soap kitchen located in Chandler, Arizona. This is where we serve up an assortment of fresh, hydrating, natural soaps that are free from animal fats and palm oil. 

Our bars of soap last a long time because we use a Castile base enriched with other premium oils. We add pure essential oils and or fragrance oils which are phthalate free. We care about what goes into every bar! 

Here is your chance for you and your customer's skin to experience indulgence with Vintage Suds Soapery.